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Hi-Nano specializes in delivering cutting-edge solutions for challenging high-precision machining needs across a wide range of materials. Our state-of-the-art technology and expert team are dedicated to providing exceptional results for our customers.

Materials Expertise & Applications

Explore our job shop’s diverse services covering various materials and applications, conveniently categorized. Contact us if you need assistance – we’re here to help with pleasure.

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Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials

Recently, driven by the substantial market demand for artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and advancements in 5G, 6G, and LEO communications, a large amount of cutting-edge materials for optical, communication, and IC 3D packaging continues to emerge. This includes multi-layer composite functional materials, presenting challenges beyond the scope of conventional methods.

Hi-Nano has consistently assisted customers in addressing diverse specialized processing issues, accumulating extensive expertise in precision processing over the years.

Consequently, when faced with materials that are challenging to machine, Hi-Nano may already have effective solutions.

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