Hi-Nano provides custom laser systems for processing advanced materials, leveraging our expertise to reduce time to market and development costs.

Tailored Laser Systems empower your inventive concepts.

Unlock the future of laser material processing with our tailored systems.

From hole drilling to cutting, marking, and beyond, our solutions redefine precision. Covering semiconductor, optical, and optoelectronic industries, we offer versatility across materials. Specializing in Semi, MEMS, Optoelectronics, medical, FPD, AR/VR/MR, and micro LED, our technology leads the way to a new standard in precision and performance.

Elevate your processes with precision beyond boundaries.

FMM Laser Repair System

FMM (Fine Metal Mask) is a vital tool in OLED manufacturing, with millions of micron holes crucial for the shadow mask. Achieving uniformity in hole quality through etching is challenging. Our Laser Repair System efficiently addresses incomplete etched holes, improving FMM yield rates for enhanced production.

LMJ-201 is a field-tested, versatile material processing system crafted for handling various materials such as CBN, PCD, CVD, SiC, AlN, WC, Si, and more. It is capable of delivering tasks like free-shape cutting, hole drilling, grooving, and more.

The UV-M6 engraver is a versatile tool for micro structuring, surface texturing, and industrial engraving on various materials. It includes a built-in marking and barcode generator for high-precision applications, accommodating text, photos, logos, and 1D/2D barcodes such as QR codes and data matrix, among others.

The SLC-150M is a semi-auto sapphire laser cutter for processing sapphire blanks, wafers and windows up to 6″ in diameter. It features a high-power DPSS IR laser that also excels in cutting and drilling ceramics, silicon, and various metals.”

The SP2 employs a CO2 laser to quickly heat and cool along the existing cutting line, generating internal thermal stress to separate the glass. This non-contact process is suitable for optical glass wafer processing and is capable of handling both straight lines and curves

The FI-300 is an Ultra Short Pulsed Laser System that utilizes picosecond or femtosecond lasers for cutting transparent and brittle materials like glass, quartz, sapphire, etc. This process entails virtually no material removal and Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) formation, ensuring extremely fine quality results. The system is capable of processing glass thicknesses ranging from 20 micrometers to 6 millimeters, including free-form cutting.

The LDS-12 is a semi-automatic laser machine specifically designed for high-speed hole drilling in ceramic substrates. It achieves clean and uniform interconnect holes with virtually no dross or burrs formation on the entrance and exit sides. The system is characterized by its compact design and cost-effectiveness.

The UF-7392 represents a picosecond laser glass cutting system tailored for processing large-format glass panels, particularly addressing the application requirements of One Glass Solution (OGS) in smartphones. The system can be equipped with a load and unload robot upon request.

The MicroVias-1000 is a high-speed laser perforation system designed for Green Tape (Unfired Ceramic). Despite operating at high scan speeds, it consistently maintains high hole quality that adheres to the stringent standards of electronic components.

The UF-300S is a fully automated car mirror cutting system utilizing Filamentation cutting with ultra-short pulsed lasers followed by CO2 laser separation. This results in high-speed, debris-free, clear, and clean cutting edges for car mirrors of any shape, with a maximum panel size of 300 x 300 mm. The process eliminates the need for post-treatment, significantly reducing manufacturing costs.

The AR-200A is an automated system for laser singulation, designed specifically for 8″ AR glass wafers, transitioning from cassettes to trays. The system seamlessly processes AR wafers into AR lenses. Given that the wafer incorporates nanostructured optical devices, the system adheres rigorously to SECS/GEM SEMI Standards in its design rules.

The WS-1, a femtosecond laser micromachining workstation, is equipped with four different wavelengths, ranging from IR to DUV, making it an excellent choice for scientific laboratories and research and development centers seeking customized solutions for a variety of tasks.

The WS-1 laser workstation offers integrated laser micromachining processes with submicron resolution and is proficient in performing a diverse range of applications.