Hi-Nano Optoelectronics Co., Ltd
No. 15-2, Yike S. Rd., Yilan City, Yilan County, Taiwan


By bus

Taipei Main Station/ City Hall Station/ Nan-gang Exhibition Center Station – Yilan Transfer Station (45-60 mins)
Yilan Transfer Station — Hi-Nano (10mins)

By train

Take the train to Yilan Train Station (1 hr 20 mins) and then take a taxi to Hi-Nano (10 mins)

By car 

From Taipei, take the Freeway No. 5 to Hi-Nano (45-60 minutes)


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What micro-machining technologies does Hi-Nano offer?

Ans: Hi-Nano specializes in many micro-manufacturing technologies, including:

  • Laser Microcutting/drilling/marking/patterning/scribing/engraving/milling/welding
  • Customized solutions
What type of material can be processed?

Ans: Hi-Nano can process a broad range of materials, mainly hard and brittle materials with high precision requirements that traditional mechanical processing methods cannot achieve.

Materials include diamond, sapphire, chemically strengthened glass, optical glass wafer, glass capping wafer, ceramics, silicon, AIN (Aluminum Nitride), SiC (Silicon Carbide), thin graphite sheet, graphite fiber composites, glass fiber composites, quartz, thin metal sheets and other advanced composite materials.

What is the tolerance of your laser micro-machining service?

Ans: The general tolerance is ±20 microns, but it can be limited by the type and thickness of the material to be machined and the type of LASER to be used. Smaller tolerance is possible, but additional costs may apply.

What is required to include in a laser micro-machining inquiry?

Ans: A clear description of your project, drawing, type of material to be processed, material thickness, tolerance, and acceptable chipping size.

What is the typical lead time for a project?

Ans: Some simple projects can be completed within 7 days of receiving the order. More complicated or higher volume projects can take up to 2-3 weeks to complete.

In what format should drawings be submitted?


  • For 2D projects, .dxf file.
  • For 3D projects, .step/.stp file.
  • The units should be in millimeters and the drawing centered.
Do you accept orders for single parts, prototypes, etc.?

Ans: Hi-Nano understands that great things often start from the smallest seeds. So, we are glad to accept your prototyping projects, and hope that we might be able to begin and nurture a strong relationship that will see your product prototype develop into production.