Hi-Nano Micromachining Services

Ultra-thin glass

(<200um ~ 30 um)

The market demand for ultra-thin glass is increasing rapidly, now and in the near future. Due to its lighter, thinner and roll-able property, ultra-thin glass can be applied to many markets.

However, processing of ultra-thin glass (t < 100 um) is challenging. The major issues being cutting of curves, holes and slots, materials handling, edge strength and post treatment.

Hi-Nano has several solutions for processing ultra-thin glass.

Currently our laser systems are capable of free shape cutting and hole drilling on a glass down to 30 microns with excellent edge quality.

  • Substrates for semiconductor and electronics
  • OLED flexible display and lighting
  • Thin film capacitors and batteries
  • Touch sensors
  • Print electronic devices
  • Fingerprint sensors
  • Thin film solar cells
  • Optical filters and lens

With our key technology, whether the system requirements are R2R (Roll to Roll), R2S(Roll to Sheet) or S2S, S2D, it can all be tailor made for your needs.

Ultra-thin glass

Cutting Ultra-thin Glass with high edge strength and cutting quality. After cutting the glass panel can be bent. This eliminate post edge treatment processes and simplify the manufacturing process.

Ultra-thin glass