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Glass Cap Wafer

Glass Cap Wafer (Cavity Glass Wafer)

Hi-Nano manufactures tailored glass cavity wafers.

Materials, cavity dimensions, shapes and transparency according to your specific needs.

Wafer sizes ranging from 2" to 12". Cavity shapes including round, rectangular and other shapes.

Applications: WLC of CMOS image sensor, LED and MEMS

Glass Cap Wafer

Stealth Pre-Dicing of Optical Glass Wafer

Using Hi-Nano’s innovative wafer dicing method the “Perfect Cleave”

Wafers can be pre-cut before coating or patterning process and retain it’s wafer form. On completion of manufacturing processes, simply separate the dice.

Using this separation process no heat is applied, resulting in clean, clear cuts and achieving highest possible quality and yields.

Applications: Singulation of wafer level optical components. Dicing of miniature and micro lenses.