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Sapphire laser cutting system

Sapphire laser cutting system

Hi-Nano produces possibly the best sapphire laser cutting system available.

Using the highest quality fiber laser source, optics, motion system (high accuracy linear motor system).

This system is designed for (but not limited to) sapphire cutting, sapphire cover lens, windows, camera lens.

With different models depending on your scale of mass production.

From a single processing head to four processing heads,multiple processing heads cut several pieces simultaneously increasing your Productivity.

Sapphire laser cutting system
  • High accuracy
  • Minimal HAZ
  • Extreme reliability
  • Cost effective pricing
  • User friendly
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Versatile, cutting ceramics sheet metal sapphire

Applications, Sapphire windows, lenses, ceramic substrate, silicon wafer cutting,Epoxy molded devices Singulation.