Hi-Nano Micromachining Services

Perfect Cleave Technology

Perfect Cleave Technology

Ultra-thin (0.03mm) to Ultra-thick(10mm), non/full-Strengthened Glass.

With our “perfect cleave technology”, materials are processed with extremely high energy density laser beam, focused at micron sized spot with ultra short working time.

The resulting cuts are very clean and clear.

  • No Heat Affected Zone, no discoloration, no oxidation.
  • Zero cutting kerf width, no material loss achieves highest accuracy.
  • Vertical side-wall, no tapering angle, no edge-polishing needed.
  • Very smooth cutting surface. Ra < 1 um
  • Negligible chippings and cracks. < 10 um
  • Micro and Nano meter level accuracy.
  • High cutting speed. Up to 300 mm/s.
  • Able to process straight and curved contours.
  • Capable to process from ultra-thin to ultra-thick glass (0.03 ~ 6.00mm).
  • Able to process most transparent hard and brittle materials.
  • Cutting of strengthened glass up to CT 100MPa.
Perfect Cleave Technology
  • Optical glass wafer dicing and hole drilling
  • Cavity glass / Cap glass for WLP
  • Optical filters / Lens / Windows
  • Glass spacer / Interposer
  • Strengthened glass cutting
  • Hermetic glass for MEMs and image sensors