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Water jet guided laser technology

ater jet guided laser technology

Dr. Bernold Richerzhagen, the CEO of Synova revealed the water jet guided laser technology in 1999 at Semicon- Japan Exhibition. Less than a year later (2000) Hi-Nano became their first user in Taiwan.

Since then we've accumulated more than 15 years of experience of innovative and unique technology for micromachining. Furthermore, we've utilized this technology to develop more applications to serve our clients.


Water-jet-guided laser technology uses a low-pressure water jet to guide the laser beam by means of total internal reflection at the water/air interface. During ablation, the water jet removes the molten material.

  1. The water jet works as a fiber of variable length for guiding the laser beam.
  2. The water jet ejects the molten material.
  3. The water jet cools the work piece during laser ablation.
  1. Long working distance. No laser beam focusing problems.
  2. Negligible HAZ ( Heat-affected zone ).
  3. Efficient material removal.
  4. Clean cuts. No contamination. No burrs.
  5. No thermal damage. No oxidation.
  6. No deformation, No structal changes.
  7. Surface of the work piece is covered by a thin water film. Additional protective coating is not required.