Hi-Nano Micromachining Services

High Precision job-shop services

Hi-Nano is dedicated to micromachining technique development.

We have developed a series of unique laser micromachining processes for fine cutting, optical wafer dicing, micro drilling and micro structuring.

These state of art technologies are especially suitable for processing hard to machine transparent materials, such as diamond, sapphire, strengthened glass, optical glass, quartz, silicon, ceramics, silicon nitrides and more.

Benefits of our job-shop services
  • Prompt response times.
  • World-wide services.
  • Eco friendly process.
  • No contact, no contamination process.
  • Negligible chipping (typically < 10 um)
  • No Heat-Affected Zone (HAZ)
  • Micron level precision.
  • High yield rate.
  • Cost effective pricing.

Please note the examples below are compilation of some of our applications.
This is not the full scope of our job-shop services but a limited selection.
We micro process most hard and difficult to machine materials including most advanced optical materials.